Texture and decorative effect of marble -02

Texture and decorative effect of marble -02

04. Reticular line grain marble, like the Rainforest Brown, Rainforest Green, Cream Block, etc.
For example, the noble and elegant Cream Block has fine texture, but also maintains a good trend type, unrestrained and free, with clear layers, creating a flexible space beauty.

The texture is crisscross and dense, and the concave convex feeling is obvious, which is like the spreading of roots and the cracking of rocks. The wanton expansion of the texture, do not have a heroic feeling. Due to the dense texture, it is more suitable for small area paving or combined paving with other ceramic tiles.
05. Flow Pattern grain, like the Amasya Beige, Butterfly Stone, etc.
The Flow Pattern grain are like turbulent water, slow or fast, fast and bright, and the turbulence seems to contain infinite hope. Applied in home space, it has a full sense of modernity.

The texture effect like flowing clouds and water is magnificent and rich in layers.

06. Ice Flower pattern marble, like the Black Rose marble, Cappuccino marble, Jadeite jade marble, etc.
The crystal clear ice flower pattern, inadvertent fission, blooming like flowers, low-key and introverted beauty, which is applied in a variety of spatial styles, still maintains a unique beauty.

The Black Rose marble is based on bright black tone. The scattered pure white is like petals, just like a rose blooming at midnight, moving and charming. The Black Rose marble is very colorful whether used as accessories or pure paving, no wonder it has become a classic texture.

The texture of Cappuccino marble is like coffee milk foam. It is dense and attractive. Light white and brown interlace each other. It is used as an overall paving without clutter. The self-evident Italian feelings have already permeated every inch of space.

A modest gentleman is as gentle as jade. Jadeite jade texture is the most suitable for creating elegant space. However, it can have good expressiveness when applied in New Chinese style or simple European style.

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