Texture and decorative effect of marble -01

Texture and decorative effect of marble -01

The marble texture is changeable. No matter the interpretation of the most beautiful, luxurious or fresh and simple style, it can always be well explained. Although the texture of each piece of marble is unique, its shape still has rules to follow – along grain (line grain), crack, mass flow grain, ice flower shape, water grain, etc. the style is matched according to the characteristics of texture shape to give full play to the beauty of marble. Marble has become one of the mainstream home building materials because of its natural stone charm and stable physical properties.
01. Straight grain marble, like the French Serpeggiante
, Italian Serpeggianto, Palissandro Blue, etc.
Italian wood grain presents in a typical linear posture, with different colors. The cold and warm colors give people a completely different feeling. Beige is warm, and the wood grain will show fashion and elegance.

There are many kinds of marble textures, and the straight line system is probably the most simple and casual one. With obvious directional straight texture, it is smooth and natural. Large area paving can improve the depth of space. French Serpeggiante,Rrainbow Wood grain and Palissandro Blue all belong to straight grain marble texture.

Linear texture can make the space more three-dimensional. When paving, you can also change the direction according to the texture to bring a more personalized combination effect.

02. Crack grain marble, like the Statuary Venato, Emperador Dark, Port Laurent, etc.

The irregular extended linear texture changes from coarse to fine, which looks like the crack trace of brick surface. The thickness and density of cracks are different, resulting in different decorative styles.

03. Mass flow pattern marble, like the Cappuccino marble, Perlato Svevo, Azul Bahia, Tundra Grey, etc.

The mass flow pattern is in a block shape, like a whirlpool of water, or surrounded by brocade flowers. The texture is rich and prosperous, and the decorative effect is noble and calm.

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